Classes Offered

Techniques offered are ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, cheer dance, acrobatics, hip hop, and competition teams. Classes start at a very affordable $45/month for 1 hour/week and an annual $25/year registration charge per family.  Additional classes, or other family members, are just $35/month tuition with no additional registration charges. The best form of advertisement is word-of-mouth so ask about our current referral bonus when a friend joins.

We offer open enrollment all year long so sign up today!
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Mon. 5pm 4/5 Ballet and Tap Combo
Mon. 5pm Int. Jazz Team
Mon. 6pm Beg. Lyrical Team
Mon. 6pm Int. Ballet Tech (90mins)
Mon. 7pm Acro Tech IB
Mon. 7:30pm Int. Lyrical Team

Tues 5pm 2.5/3 Ballet and Tap Combo
Tues 5pm Ballet I (5+)
Tues 6pm Acro 5+ (75mins)
Tues 6pm Beg. Ballet Tech
Tues 7pm Beg. Jazz Team
Tues. 7:15pm Adult Ballet (18+)

Wed 5pm Ballet II
Wed 5pm Int. Lyrical Team
Wed 6pm Acro Tech IA
Wed 7pm Beg. Lyrical Team
Wed 7pm Acro Tech II

Thurs. 5pm Jazz/Tap 6-10yrs
Thurs. 5pm Beg. Jazz Team
Thurs. 6pm Cheer Dance 5+
Thurs. 6pm Int. Jazz Team
Thurs. 7pm Lyrical 8+

Fri. 5:30pm Hip Hop 8+yrs

*When a class fills up and we don’t have another to fit your schedule, please call 478-224-2155 to be placed on our waiting list*

4 Responses to Classes Offered

  1. Ali says:

    Great job on the website!!!It looks good!!!

  2. Hanna says:

    It’s Amazing! ❤

  3. gracie says:

    hi! are these the summer classes, or are the classes like this all year round?

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